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download invitation cards

Cards and invitations to download and print

Are you going to throw a party and need to invite all your family and friends? Surprise all your guests!
In this area you can find the most beautiful invitations of ours. They are very fashionable and refined, suitable for your special occasions.
They have no logo. You can donwload them easily, modify the text and print at home.
Some of them are combined with the menu and place cards so your party will be great!

Italian recipes to download

All the recipes published in The Italian Taste website are in this area. They have been converted into .pdf file format according to a detailed classification (starters, savoury pies, pasta, rice, fish, meat, ...).
Every file is easy and fast to download.
If you download these files you'll be able to read every recipe easily and print at home.

Download Italian recipes in .PDF version

greetings card template download

New greetings card template

greetings card for christmas download greetings card