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The best of our ideas

How to subscribe to this area!

This area is divided into some sections: decorating ideas, special dishes and menus and download.
If you have to plan a party here you can find many ideas.

Our best invitation cards are in the download section. They have no logo and you can easily download and print them. At this point you can modify the text easily, by yourself or asking our help.
Besides you can find the invitation card combined with the menu card and place card, for your very special party, Italy-style!

Decorating ideas is a collection of useful advice to lay the table in every occasion, decorate the house at Christmas in an original or refined way or arrange fresh and dried flowers.
We also help you in solving a common problem: how to change look at your table even if you have to use the same dinner service and set of cutlery in every day of the year. So you'll be able to look at a lot of examples for spring, autumn, Christmas and the most important ceremonies in your life.

And then the special recipes and menus. Do you want to astonish your guests with a real Italian menu that nobody is able to find in cookery books and prepare? Do you want to find special appetizers to open a dinner party? Here you can find a lot of ideas.