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By: Loretta Sebastiani

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Christmas: recipes and decorations

crib: christmas decoration ideas, simple homemade decorations made with the kids

Christmas 2011: decorations, cards, gifts, parties, recipes and menu

What are the new trends for Christmas 2011? fashion at christmas first of all, let's begin from here ...

DIY crib

Christmas for kids and children

Door Christmas decoration ideas

Christmas tree new ideas

  • - Spiral Christmas tree fashionable Christmas tree a feather boa is wrapped around a wire spiral ... that's cool!
  • - Eco-friendly Christmas tree ecological xmas tree how-to Have you Tetra Pak packaging? do you drink water from plastic bottles? Well, you have all that you need to make this nice and no-cost Christmas tree
  • - DIY Christmas balls how to use felting wool for Christmas decorations needle felting wool technique to make gorgeous or simple ornaments for your Christmas tree

Christmas arrangement ideas

Christmas table setting ideas

Italian panettone (traditional Christmas brioche or pudding)

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