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By: Loretta Sebastiani

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Christmas: recipes and decorations

dedicated to Christmas

Dedicated to Christmas 2004

The gift corner

The house corner:

how do we decorate it this year?

  • - A refined vase full of flowers shop or house decorations
    you can use it for decorating your shop or your house
  • - Christmas balls, jewel-style decorated christmas balls (members-only area)
    In the last month we can see a tripudium of colours and sparkling decorations in the clothes, in the shoes and in the bags in Italy. Then we thought to propose the same fashion in the Christmas balls. You could use them for decorating a little Christmas tree or for making a charming centerpiece that will impress your guests; you could decorate a wall or fill a crystal vase...
  • - The garland, jewel-style a garland for the house door (members-only area)
    a garland made with an original technique and decorated in a sparkling way
  • - A winter pine branch decorated pine
    an original decoration for our house door that remember us the winter
  • - A very coloured garland christmas garland
    an easy decoration for our house
  • - Bamboo canes and flowers christmas flowers
    an original decoration for our pieces of furniture
  • - The elf boxes christmas boxes (members-only area)
    an extraordinary idea to for our Christmas gifts!

The table corner:

how to set up the table for Christmas

The menu corner

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