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Chistmas Planet

Santa Christmas tree
Handmade ornaments for Christmas tree

Looking for new handmade Christmas decorations?
Looking for new ideas planning your Christmas party?
Your secret desire? to set up your Christmas table in a different way and to preparare an unusual Christmas menu to astonish your guests!
We have the solutions for you!
On this page you'll be able to find all that you're looking for: our exclusive and original greeting cards, invitation cards, DIY decoration ideas, gift ideas, Christmas recipes, Italian Christmas menus, table setting ideas, centerpieces ...

To begin: read our new exclusive ideas for Christmas 2012. We update the page every few days with new ideas and recipes.

Consult also our blog, close to Christmas, for the last tips ...

Planning your Christmas party - what you can find on this page

News. Look at our new ideas for trimming your Christmas tree

The above Christmas tree is our first idea about a new line of Christmas trees. We call them: Christmas tree game and story-teller Christmas trees. In other words we suggest to trim your Christmas tree according to a game or a story-line of a fairy tale. A fairy tale? what fairy? There is a new fairy, Fairy Elle that lives at Bosco (read forest). She has great magic powers. For example while she is reading the rules of a game or a new story, a pine of Bosco dresses up and become a wonderful Christmas tree.
You could suggest your kids to cast their own spell as Fairy Elle does trimming the pine for Christmas in the same!

Christmas greeting cards

Planning a Christmas party

christmas boxes, handmade

Handmade Christmas gifts


DIY Christmas decorations

Waiting for Christmas

Waiting for New Year's Eve

Christmas wreaths and other decorations for main doors, walls and shop windows

Happy Holidays decorations

Christmas tree ideas: big, little, personalized, hung on the wall ...

DIY Christmas decorations for pieces of furniture

Outdoor Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations for kids: there is no better way to get into the Holidy spirit than crafting with kids!

  • - Santa is tired christmas kids crafts with santa Santa is sitting near an indoor plant and ... your Christmas decoration is ready!
  • - Elk Christmas wreath christmas wreath made with stuffed  reinder a felt elk, a little flower made in felt, a gold ribbon ... a very nice wreath!
  • - Christmas snowman felt christmas snowman this nice puppet is made with polyester wadding and old clothes
  • - Befana on the besom italian epiphany, the homemade witch the nice old woman, Rome-style, who brings gifts to children in the Epiphany Eve made by your hands
  • - Handmade Christmas angels handcrafted christmas ornaments, cheap and easy to do nice little angels that you can make with the paper egg trays you have at home. You need only voile paper, wool, cotton wool ball, cleaner tools, acrylic colours and plaster.

You can find the following fashionable nice Christmas ideas in the "members-only area"

  • - A glittering bundlle of kindlings original christmas tree ( members-only area) the perfect Christmas tree for people who like modern way of decorating their own house
  • - Christmas balls, jewel-style diy decorated christmas balls ( members-only area) in the last month we have seen a tripudium of colours and sparkling decorations in the clothes, in the shoes and in the bags in Italy. Then we thought to propose the same fashion in the Christmas balls. You could use them for decorating a little Christmas tree or for making a charming centrepiece that will impress your guests; you could decorate a wall or fill a crystal vase...
  • - The wreath, jewel-style main door wreath made with pearls and beads ( members-only area) this Christmas wreath is made with an original technique and decorated in a sparkling way
  • - An elegant Christmas wreath homemade christmas wreaths ( members-only area) a pine branch decorated with refined golden ornaments
  • - The jewel boxes handcrafted christmas boxes (members-only area) making nice boxes for your precious Christmas gifts
  • - The Elf boxes how to wrap christmas gifts ( members-only area) what about a secret box for your kid? Sure, this is an original Christmas gift!
  • - The Christmas tree in the wicker basket original xmas tree (members-only area) It's an original idea by which you can adobe a little house, your office or shop window at Christmas
  • - Your poinsettia how to make a christmas decoration (members-only area) a very refined Xmas decoration (for your house, an elegant office or a shop window)
  • - Silk flowers & beads fashionable xmas decorations (members-only area) new Christmas decoration combining silk flowers and beads
  • - A precious centrepiece: flowers under the snow centerpiece with cyclamen (members-only area) wood flowers and fruits sprinkled with snow ... on the Christmas table
  • - Magnolias at Christmas long and narrow christmas centerpiece (members-only area) another very refined long and narrow Christmas decoration
  • - The Elf in the wood christmas kids' crafts ( members-only area) another fashionable wood figure that kids love a lot
  • - The wicker basket decorated for Christmas xmas decoration with silk flowers (members-only area) an original idea by which you can adobe a little house, your office or shop window
  • - Christmas wreath and garland ideas christmas wreaths and garlands, Italian style ( members-only area) fashionable and refined according to the Italian style
  • - The Elf Christmas tree xmas tree ornaments, kids' crafts for christmas ( members-only area) are you able to make pom-pom? make them for a fashionable Xmas tree


Setting the table at Christmas

Christmas centrepiece

You'll be able to find the following ideas on members-only area. The're our best ideas!

The whole Chrstmas table

You'll be able to find our best ideas in the members-only area. Subscribe to this area

Christmas place cards

  • - Edible place cards place cards for Christmastime. Snowman on the Christmas table made with potatoes, Russian salad, spinach, smoked salmon and cherry mozzarella nice snomen and little cod puddings to mark every table place. Beautiful to see and tasty to eat! Step-by-step instructions to make these Christmas place cards


Italian Christmas recipes

First of all: Panettone recipes.

and then ...

Remember: you can find many other ideas in the members-only area for succesful Italian menus!


Some Italian menus for Christmas


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