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Italian Easter menu with aperitivo, antipasto, tagliatelle, stuffed rabbit


  • - Here it is a fast and easy to do Italian menu for Easter.
  • - You can begin with Rossini cocktail that it is made with straberries. Accompany it with tasty savory cookies garnished with salami and vegetables in oil.
  • - Your aperitivo may be followed by a classic Italian antipasto: an assorted platter of salami ... delicious!
  • - The first course is based on typical spring ingredients, that is artichokes and ricotta. No tomato sauce for a great tagliatelle dish!
  • - In Italy traditional meat for Easter is lamb but I chose rabbit in a very original way: boneless and stuffed. Your guests will like it very much.
  • - You can finish with your favorite spring cake or an Italian recipe idea and seasonal fruits.
  • - Some of these dishes can be made in advance, the day before:savory cookies, artichokes for pasta, rabbit.
    In this way you'll be able to enjoy the day.
  • - I remember you a traditional Italian menu is composed by antipasto, first course (pasta or rice dish), a second course (meat or fish) and finally a dessert.
  • - As you can see, you can download our menu card if liked. It's free!

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