Loretta Sebastiani

By: Loretta Sebastiani

Best Italian Wine Calabria Cirņ Rosso

Cirņ Rosso

  • Vine selection:
    Gaglioppo (95-100%), Trebbiano Toscano and/or Greco Bianco (0-5%)
  • Colour:
    ruby red
  • Aroma:
    agreeable, delicate, intensely winy
  • Taste:
    bone dry, bodied, warm, harmonious, velvety with aging
  • Minimum alcohol content:
  • Production area of DOC:
    the municipalities of Cirņ and Cirņ Marina and other two municipalities in the province of Catanzaro
  • Aging:
    it must age 6 months therefore up to 5 years
  • Types:
  • Riserva:
    Superiore (13.5% - up to 6 years). Riserva (13.5% - it must age at least 2 years therefore up to 9 years and more). Classico (included Superiore and Riserva ) if producted in Cirņ and Cirņ Marina
  • Serving temperature of wine Cirņ Rosso:
    67-70°F (20 - 22° C) in balloon glasses. Open the bottle few hours before serving
  • Pair wine Cirņ Rosso with :
    with red meat, stewed meat recipes of Calabria, game and seasoned cheeses. Riserva and Superiore are ideal for important meat dishes and spicy cheeses
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