Loretta Sebastiani

By: Loretta Sebastiani

Best Italian Wine Friuli Ramandolo


  • Vine selection:
    Friuli Verduzzo (Verduzzo Giallo 100%)
  • Colour:
    golden yellow more or less intense
  • Aroma:
    intense and characteristic
  • Taste:
    pleasantly sweet, smooth more or less tannic and with possible wooden taste
  • Minimum alcohol content:
  • Production area of DOCG:
    small area around Tarcento within the wider Colli Orientali denomination
  • Aging:
    up to 4-5 years
  • Types:
  • Riserva:
  • Serving temperature of wine Ramandolo:
    64 Farenheit (18 Celsius)
  • Pair wine Ramandolo with :
    meditation wine but you can also serve it with S. Daniele raw ham and figs, fat, Nimis salami, seasoned cheeses, smoked trout and the typical local cakes such as Gubana cake
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