Loretta Sebastiani

By: Loretta Sebastiani

Best Italian Wine Sicily Delia Nivolelli Spumante

Delia Nivolelli Spumante

  • Vine selection:
    Grecanico and/or Chardonnay and/or Inzolia and/or Damaschino and/or Grillo (85 - 100%)
  • Colour:
    light straw yellow with greenish highlights
  • Aroma:
    delicate, fruity
  • Taste:
    sapid, fresh, fine and harmonious
  • Minimum alcohol content:
  • Production area of DOC:
    predominantly clay soil running from Marsala inland to Salemi, near Trapani
  • Aging:
  • Types:
  • Riserva:
  • Serving temperature of wine Delia Nivolelli Spumante:
    46 - 50 F (8 -10 Celsius)
  • Pair wine Delia Nivolelli Spumante with :
    tasty aperitif, to drink through the meal if the recipes are light and based on fish and/or vegetable ingredients
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