New colors for Christmas tree

Milk and coffee colors are in vogue in these last years. Combine them with white

Are you sick of decorating your Christmas tree with the same old colors (red, silver, gold ...) but you do not want to give up the pleasure of making it? You can do it up with new, unprecedent colors, for example coffe and milk ;)) No Christmas string lights.

New colours for Christmas tree
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Milk and coffee colors on Christmas tree

You'll need

  • - Little Christmas balls whose colors vary from milk-white to different gradations of brown
  • - White ribbons
  • - Little Christmas iced branches
  • - White plumes
  • - One or more crystal garland to complete it

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How to make a fashionable Xmas tree with new colors and ornaments

  • - Begin with milk and coffee little balls.
    Distribute uniformly on the pine branches.
    Fix them with white ribbons.
  • - Insert Christmas iced branches.
  • - Then white plumes.
  • - Finally wrap the crystal garland around your tree.
  • - Look at the photo for more details!

It's very refined, isn't it?