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Garibaldi cocktail

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Type: highballs (IBA version)

Alcoholic level: low-alcohol recipe

Basic liqueur: Bitter Campari

Equipment: directly in the glass

Glassware: lowball glass

Garnish: a tarocco orange slice


  • 7/10 fresh orange juice
  • 3/10 Bitter Campari

How to make it:

Place some ice cubes in the glass and pour in Bitter and orange juice. Mix for few seconds with the bar spoon and decorate with a tarocco orange slice. The cocktail is ready.

Variations and note:

You can serve this cocktail at any time. This cocktail want to remember Garibaldi, an Italian famous hero. He landed in Sicily during the independent Italian war with his standing army made by 1000 men. The distinctive element of the uniform was a red scarf. So oranges from Sicily and red (Campari) for the scarf remember us this important man.

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