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Quick and beautiful Xmas wreath

How to make a Holiday wreath in few minutes with old balls and silk flowers

I'm going to teach you how to make a low-cost Christmas wreath. Besides you'll be able to make it in few minutes. The only difficulty is to match colors very well.

valentine's day table with blue decorations
Quick and beautiful Christmas wreath

You'll need

  • - A pine wreath
  • - A very beautiful Christmas ball
  • - 12 little Christmas balls
  • - Some Christmas flowers
  • - Ribbon

How to choose the ornaments to make a Christmas wreath

In this case I chose violet and pink colors but you could make it with other combinations: red and golden, orange and golden, pink and silver colours.
I used a big ball with pink and silver decorations, made precious with paillettes and strass, 12 little violet-colored Christmas balls and some pink flowers with white shades suitable for Christmas. Finally a little ribbon.
You could also use a glass handpainted Christmas ball.

  • - Hang the big ball to the wreath as you can see in the photo.
  • - Insert the flowers among the twigs of the wreath and hang the little balls.
  • - Use the ribbon to hang the wreath.
  • - See the photo and click on it for more details.


  • - You could hang this wreath on the main door or on a wall.
  • - I made another choice: an old mirror. What about it?

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