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Spring flower

Spring flower with recyclable materials: paper tray for fruit, lemon net bag ...

Making a spring decoration is sometimes very simple and can be even at no cost. Get a paper tray for fruit (do you know paper trays containing fruit bought in supermarkets?), a net for lemons or oranges, a well cleaned pot for yogurt, pebbles or sand, colored cardboard or paper and a marker. That's it! it's a simple to make craft idea, suitable for children, to do at home or at school. Other decorations for Easter or spring?

spring flower made with recyclable materials, no cost
Handmade spring flower

You'll need

  • - Light-colored paper tray for fruit
  • - Lemon or orange net bag
  • - Empty yogurt pot
  • - Gravel or sand
  • - Cardboard or colored paper
  • - Felt-tip pen
  • - Scissors
  • - Glue

How to make a flower with recyclable materials

  • - Print and cut out the central circle of the flower and its largest petal.
  • - Take now your paper tray.
    Cut out the central circle and the number of petals sufficient to be glued on the edge of the circle on both sides.
  • - At this point cut a series of shorter petals and glue on both sides between the previous petals.
    Leave a space for the stem.
  • - Cut two pieces of lemon net bag, turn each into a little ball and paste on the central circle on both sides.
  • - Prepare the stem by superimposing two long thin rectangles. Paste them and then the whole stem on the lower part of the flower, covered by the other petals.
    I used green colored parts of my tray to give the impression of a true stem. But you can also color it.
  • - Color with the marker the edge of each petal.
  • - Fill your yogurt pot with sand or pebbles.
    I used light blue sand that I got at home.
  • - Surround your pot with colored paper or cardboard and glue its ends.
    If necessary, do some pleats to accompany the shape of your pot.
  • - Insert your flower.
  • - Your Easter or spring decoration is ready! :))

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