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Our nationality, our work

We are a group of professional people who live and work in Italy.
Our office was born for creating websites and giving informatic or computergraphic consultancy.
We make different websites according to the demand of our customers.

Besides we have created and realized two important websites:
"The Italian Taste" (www.theitaliantaste.com) and "Italian Recipes" (www.italianrecipes.ws) from our original ideas and with important purposes.
Both the websites are dedicated to the circulation of the Italian cuisine, good manners and all that got Italy famous all over the world.
All the recipes we present have their source from the Mediterranean tradition and the demand of modern life. So they are low fat, healthy, rich-tasting recipes. Our cooking times are brief and we use typical Mediterranean ingredients.

"The Italian Taste" is divided into different chapters: our visitors can find a complete collection of authentic Italian recipes (a lot of them are our original recipes), how to combine them for preparing an original Italian menu, how to set the table, invite the guests (choosing the best invitation cards, placecards and menu cards and printing them) and decorate their house.
We have also added a "Members-only Area" in which our visitors can find our best ideas and a "Cookery School". People need an e-mail address and to pay an enrolment fee for visiting all the pages.

"Italian Recipes" is dedicated to the single regions of Italy (Piedmont, Sicily, Sardinia ...).
It presents only the authentic Italian recipes; everyone has also a light version, when possible.
Besides we are going to list the typical products of every region with their most important peculiarities.