Handbag with jewel-clasp

To be made with the same fabric of your dress


handmade handbag italian style
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Handbag with jewel-clasp

Required equipment

  • - Fabric: minimum 45 cm for a minimal height of 70 cm; analogous amount for the lining
  • - Rigid burlap to reinforce the fabric
  • - Applications in peak or other material
  • - Gutermann iced pearls or other beads
  • - Gutermann crystal diamanties or other beads
  • - 1 round shaped bead for your bag clasp
  • - The cord you prefer for your bag handles and clasp: 12 meters
  • - A large press stude
  • - Thread to sew of the same tonality of your fabric
  • - Scissors
  • - Paper for patterns

You could find some elegant beads for your bag in these sites:

The elegance and the personalization of what we wear unavoidablly carry to our style at first and therefore to set a trend. Nowadays fashion seems to invite us more and more to this personalization. Let us make an example: the windows are full of purses, more or less small, decorated with a great variety of beads, pearls, assorted sequins, crystals and all that the fantasy suggests. On the wave of all these proposals we have thought to a purse to be realized with the same fabric with which it has been sewn a dress, a pair of pants or however a suit. But it is also possible to devise a purse with a fabric that recalls to you some particulars of your suit. The top is caught up if it is possible to bind it together to a pair of shoes or sandals in which a particular memories the working of your purse or your dress.
The question is: is it difficult to realize this purse? Not excessive if you know the first principles of the sewing.
And then imagine the satisfaction of having an accessory that nobody has got. It will never happen to you to intercross on your steps someone with your same purse! And all will envy you!
Naturally it is our idea, try to adapt our idea to your necessities!

You must realize the following shapes on the paper for patterns in order to cut the fabric

  • a) a trapezium with these dimensions: greater base - 26 cm; smaller base - 22 cm;
    height - 23 cm (front and back of the purse)
  • b) 23 x 13 cm rectangle for every side
  • c) 26 x 13 cm rectangle for the bottom

Following the shapes you've made, cut the fabric you have chosen obtaining: two trapezium, two rectangles for the sides and a rectangle for the bottom.
You have to proceed in the same way for the lining too. As far as the lining you can choose the common lining or the same fabric with which you want to make your bag.
Then you have to proceed in the same way for the rigid burlap too.
Apply the rigid burlap on the back of the pieces of fabric with the aid of the steam iron.
Apply with the needle and thread the decorations and diamanties following the indications of the photo (click on the photo in order to obtain an enlarged image) on the front of your bag.
Tack the pieces in order to obtain the shape of your purse; do the same thing with the lining. After controlling all is well and the pieces (fabric and lining) fit together perfectly, sew them on a machine or by hand .
Hem the upper ends of your purse with blind stitches on the inner side. Sew the lining in the inside of the purse fixing it with close stitching. Halve the sides and sew the upper edges for the half of their lenght with blind stitches (this procedure will concur to maintain your purse in its shape also when you open it). Apply the button automatic rifle on the lining (it's your real clasp).
Make the bag handles using the cord you've chosen. Fix them to the purse and cover the seam applying the pearls. Pass the cord through the round shaped bead and sew the ends in the half of the upper side of the back (it's a false clasp).
Your bag is ready!