A good-luck besom

A very little besom anti-troubles: decorate it by your hands


A little besom decorated by hand to sweep away all your troubles
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A good-luck besom

You will need

  • - A very little besom
  • - Green ribbon
  • - 3 little silk sunflowers with their stalks
  • - Red berries with green fine wire
  • - Scissors

Look at the photo for more details. Begin with the sunflowers: insert them with their stalks. If they have a stalk made with a green fine wire it's very easy to insert them; on the contrary use a hot glue gun.
Then insert the red berries. Twist them around the broomcorn strands using their fine wire; so you can also hide them. If they have no wire glue them.
Finish with a bow as you can see in the photo.
You need only ten minutes for all the work. It's easy, isn't it?


  • This little besom is very nice.
  • You can realize it for yourself: hang it on a wall in your kitchen to sweep away all your troubles!
  • Make it for a friend of yours that has just moved house or shop ... or for an opening.
  • Make it as a present for the new year.
  • Use it to close a gift parcel.
  • Use it as a place card.
  • Use it as wedding favour.