Spanish themed dinner party

How to do the centerpiece for your Spanish dinner table

I want to share with you my dinner table I set when I planned a themed evening dedicated to Spain and its cuisine. I prepared a decoration for the table using some typical Spanish things: a fan, a mantilla and roses. I combined all the colors according to the fan but you can choose other colors if your fan is different.

table setting idea for a Spanish dinner party. The centerpiece is made with a fan, mantilla and roses
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Spanish table setting idea

Elegant, simple to do table setting idea for your Spanish themed dinner party

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  • - As usual, I prefer a white table-cloth to be free in choosing the other sets.
    For the same reason, my glass and dinner services are classical. Cutlery set and cotton tablemats remind rose colors as you can see in the photos.
  • - If you want to do my decoration, you need: a plastic or pottery container, a floral sponge foam available at any florist's shop, one or two bamboo canes, one or two fans, a lace mantilla (or a lace scarf), 5 to 6 red velvet roses (or silk roses), 2 yellow silk roses without their stem, some red and yellow little roses to place on the table-cloth to complete the decoration.
    Insert the sponge into the container forcing it to avoid it can move.
    Cut the bamboo canes to have 5 pieces of different lenght.
    then insert them into the sponge to call to the mind a part of an open fan.
    Insert every red rose by every bamboo cane's side after cutting it to have the same lenght.
    At this point, place the container exactly in the place where it will stand and complete it.
    Open your fan and put it opposite the bamboo canes.
    Arrange the mantilla to hide the container perfectly and place yellow roses.
  • - This decoration is too high to be placed in the center of the table.
    You can put it at the end of the table or in another place (another piece of furniture).
    In this case you have only to arrange some little roses on the table-cloth.
    On the contrary, if you want to place it in the center of your table, you have to reduce its height and put a second fan on the other side.
    Look at the photo for more details.