Birthday table setting idea at Christmas

How to arrange fresh flowers, Italian style

No idea to set the table for a woman birthday celebration? Follow my tips for a refined table especially when it is at Christmastime. You could adapt it to other months with opportune changes.

table setting idea for a woman birthday
Refined birthday table at Christmastime

Spring centerpiece ideas and other table decorations.

  • - The table-cloth is yellow with a delicate lance.
  • - Crockery is white with small decorations whose colors are well combined with the whole table.
  • - I used crystal glasses for water, wine and sparkling wine.
  • - Knives, spoons and forks are in stainless steel.
  • - The predominant colors are: white, yellow, green, pink.
  • - Napkins are placed over dishes.
    If you want, you can insert a little card with the name of your guest, written by hand, on every napkin.
  • - The centerpiece is made with fresh roses and orchids. That's cool! Every guest could take away a flower as a party memory.
  • - This centerpiece is easy to do.
    You need: a deep little container (I used a little basket), a floral foam, green leaves, fresh flowers such as roses and orchids, a beautiful candle and a golden ribbon to put among green leaves and flowers.
  • - If you want much more details, you can look at my instructions for another centerpiece. Click here!

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birthday table
The whole table
seat at table
flower centerpiece for a birthday table