S. Valentine's Day

Valentines day: a romantic table with blue or red decorations


valentine's day table with blue decorations
Setting the table for Valentine's day

The table we suggest is very simple, cheap and easy to do.
You can realize it with a tablecloth of yours and your dishes. In fact we prepared for you two sets of coloured hearts: blue and red. You can find the file at the end of this page.
You have to arrange the chosen hearts on the tablecloth and on the table-mat.
You may remove them from the tablemat after Valentine's day; so you may use this dish in other parties with different subjects.
We've also prepared red and blue placecards dedicated to this special occasion with the same subject.

The tablecloth is white. Crockery is white and in china. But we remember you you can use tablecloth and dishes of yours; we prepared for you two sets of coloured hearts to adapt them to your things. You have to buy only two white table-mats where you have to glue the chosen hearts. We used crystal glasses. Knives and forks are in stainless steel.
Let's see together some details! Download the file, copy and paste it up to the number of hearts you need. Print and cut them. Use photo paper for the best results.
Now glue the hearts on the table-mats but only on the edge.
If you want to personalize the table with your name on the table-mat (look at the photo!), ; we'll preparare the file with the names in few days!
We realized some placecards too, with the same subject and colors. Download them! Use photo paper for the best results. If you print them on common paper, you'll have to glue them on more resistant paper.
Moreover you can buy a blue or red candle, some blue or red roses (tied with a silk ribbon of the same colour and arranged on a wicker basket; a lowely idea is to give your partner them at the end of the dinner).
You can use the same ribbon around the glasses and napkins.

File CDR 9 Word 2k
Blue hearts (300dpi) 707 kB 217 kB
Pplacecards with blue hearts (300dpi) 1189 kB 262 kB
Red hearts (300dpi) 662 kB 225 kB
Placecards with red hearts (300dpi) 1140 kB 272 kB

Other images

the whole blue table for valentine's day set up with red or blue hearts
The whole table
Valentines day: the seat at the table
a detail of the Valentines tablemat and placecard
Table-mat and placecard.