A centerpiece with roses

A refined centrepiece for an elegant table


decoration for a christmas table
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A refined centrepiece for an elegant table

Required material

  • Branches of pine
  • Buds of roses
  • Other not sweet-smelling flowers
  • 3 golden candles
  • Golden ribbon
  • Other golden ribbons
  • A sponge for floral compositions
  • A large, not deep, container
  • Water
  • Scissors


30 minutes

The centrepiece we suggest to you is very refined, suited to elegant tables.
You can prepare it the day before on condition that you may preserve it in a cool place. Another advice: you should always use only fresh and not sweet-smelling flowers. In this case the roses we've chosen don't scent.
Remember not to realize an encumbering centrepiece; so you have to decide its dimensions according to your table and to the number of your guests.
We suggest only an idea; this idea must be modified in line with your needs.

This centrepiece is very easy to do.
Fill with water a container and put the sponge inside. Let the sponge soak very well.
Put the soaked sponge inside the container you've chosen for your composition, forcing it. In this way you can avoid that your composition moves. The sponge must be higher than its container, so you can also fix flowers and pine sideways.
Begin to arrange the candles in the sponge, trying to fix them at different depths; in this way they'll have different heights. Then continue with the branches of pine sideways and on the upper part of the sponge, after making them shorter. At this point insert roses and the other chosen flowers after shortening their stalks. For realizing that, look at the photo!
Arrange the golden ribbon around the floral composition and add the other golden decorations. The centrepiece is ready. You can preserve it in the following days if you remember to add few drops of water every day.