La base ideale per ottime insalate di riso o di pasta

Simple to do pasta salad sauce   Loretta Sebastiani

Making pasta salad or rice salad often requires more time than an usual pasta or rice dish. Do you agree? Think well of all the needed steps: cooking and cooling pasta, cooking and dicing vegetables, cubing prosciutto or cheese, cooking and cutting fish or meat ... everything is due to the richness of ingredients. But there are simple recipes too with quick to do sauce you can alzo freeze in the right amount. Continue reading if you are interested in ... ;))

Cold wholemeal pasta with mozzarella, tomato and bell peppers
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Simple to do Italian pasta salad

As I have just written, recently I have created a sauce that might even be prepared in large quantities and then frozen in small portions, according to your needs. A great advantage for those with little time, right?
It is made with tomato puree or fresh ripe tomato and grated bell peppers. The doses are a quarter of a bell pepper every 150 ml of tomato puree. 
Grate bell peppers on the inside (so you can also remove the outer peel which is often indigestible) using the same tool for vegetables, that is a large hole grater.
Simmer all together adding a little wine (if you like) and your preferred aromatic herbs (always parsley and chives and then others in relation to what you'll add to your pasta or rice salad, according to your own taste).
Reduce your sauce well and, once turned off the stove, add olive oil and season to taste with salt.
You'll use this sauce to dress your boiled pasta or rice and make a tasty cold dish. You can add all that you want: diced cheese, prosciutto (cotto ham or raw ham), steamed fish or vegetables, canned vegetables, smoked fish, legumes ...
You can also add few ingredients, this sauce is already tasty. This is the right way to have a low-calorie, tasty and quick pasta salad.
Look at the photo! It is a cold pasta dish made with emmer pasta, this sauce and cherry mozzarella!

Want to know how to make a tasty pasta salad combining well ingredients? follow the link!


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