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Loretta Sebastiani
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Low-fat pastry
( Pasta frolla light )

Our original home cooking

Pastry (shortbread or shortcrust pastry) is rich in fat and calories. Why don't you test our low-fat version?

difficulty: medium

time: preparation: 20 minutes
cooking: 35 minutes
total: 55 minutes

calories: 156 (kCal)

Ingredients / Serves 6

  • 200 g (7 ounces) white flour
  • 1 1/2 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1 tablespoon powdered yeast
  • Salt
  • Water
medium difficulty
preparation: 20 minutes
cooking: 35 minutes
total: 55 minutes
How many calories in a serving?
Calories: 156 (kcal) 8 % - 654 (kJ)
Protein: 3.7 (g) 8 % GDA
Total fat: 3.6 (g) 6 % GDA
Total carbohydrate: 29.1 (g) 11 % GDA
Sugars: 3.9 (g) 5 % GDA

Download free PDF version (200 download).

This recipe is light because there are no eggs, no butter and the quantity of sugar is reduced. With a good stuffing made with fruit or light jam, you can have good results.
The ingredients are enough for a 22,5-25 cm (9-10in) pie or tart tin.
Sift flour, sugar and salt over a working surface. Make a well in the center and add olive oil and yeast. With your fingers work flour with the other ingredients and begin adding water very slowly. It's impossible to say what's the right quantity of water. It depends on many things; for this reason it's important to add water very slowly. Knead your dough until smooth and elastic. Oil a deep round pie dish. Dredge work surface, dough and a rolling-pin with white flour; roll out the pastry and line the bottom and the sides of the dish. Prick the bottom with a fork and spoon in your stuffing. Bake in oven (180°C - 350°F) for about 30-35 minutes.
Remove from the oven and let tart grow cool before taking away from the dish.
We suggest to you as stuffing you can use: apples cooked in little white wine, sugar and cinnamon; pears cooked in little red wine and sugar; light jam; fresh sliced fruit mixed with light jam.