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Christmas 2015: what's in fashion in Italy?

If you need or want to follow the trends of the moment for the Holidays, follow our page with the latest ideas for decorations, gifts, food, menu ...

Christmas 2015. What's trendy in Italy? what colors for Christmas tree ornamets? what are the best craft ideas for kids and adults? On this page, I point out all that I've seen in specific exhibitions together with my husband and list the news the wholesalers have already shown. I begin with decorations and then you can read the news about recipes and menus.

White decor for Christmas 2014
White Christmas decoration


gold *

shine gold *

light blue

light gold *

Trendy colors for Xmas 2015

Christmas 2015. What are the trendy colors for Christmas trees and their ornaments in Italy? I begin with what my husband and I saw at Homi exhibition (in Milan) at the beginning of September 2015.
On the right, you can see the combinations of the colors we saw more often. Close to some of them, there is an asterisk to indicate that it is a metallic tone. So the combination gold and teal is definitely beautiful and I assure you that it is much better looking at them when live. It should be said that these palettes (teal, gold, shine gold, light blue and light gold - teal, ivory, ivory gold, silver white, platinum shine) are well-aimed when the Christmas tree is full of balls, flowers, birds and ribbons with a clear predominance of the gold color.
Green, frost and ice pines are often decorated in this way. To tell the truth, to make a nice decoration you have to leave very few areas not decorated in the branches of your pine. My own suggestion is not to choose these colors if you want to decorate your Christmas tree with few ornaments. Much better to use them to decorate your main door or the centerpiece for the Christmas table.
Obviously, palettes of last year are still fashionable and you can see them by scrolling down. It is very used aqua color that I like very much especially when combined with scarlet. This year it is very trendy the palette: aqua, white and white silver.



ivory gold *

silver white *

platinum shine *

Ather 2015 Christmas palette

Do not forget that Pantone chose Marsala, color of the year and so lot of interior designers have used it for their Christmas decorations although I must admit that it is at least problematic to make it stand out on a green pine.
In any case, beyond the trendy colors I have seen everything. And that's good because it means that each of us is free to decorate his house with the colors he prefers. There are the traditionalists for whom Christmas is always red and there are the innovators who seek new combinations. It has always been so. Thank god ;))

Other fashionable Christmas decorations are small and tall pine trees just lit, no other ornaments. Although, in some cases, we noticed crystal drops hanging. There are on sale many trees of colors different from green but, fortunately, in my opinion, the funereal black pines seem to be disappeared.

No important innovations regarding Christmas lights. Now LEDs replace completely the lights of the past and this allows you to make garlands at home even with paper.
With regard to DIY Christmas decorations, I have to say that wood is very fashionable. Included wooden vegetable boxes used in a lot of ways. In the next weeks, we'll publish our ideas with these items. Christmas trees themselves are decorated with stylized figures of wood that you can then paint or decorate with whatever your imagination may suggest.
And then paper, cloth and many other poor and recycled materials according to the Nordic or country style. So a little less glitter ... but in this case the absolute freedom reigns. If you love glittered decorations, it is very useful glitter crepla rubber that can be heated quickly with iron and then shaped as needed.
So, as always, there is something for everyone. Happy crafting!

Take a look at our Christmas decoration pages where you'll be able to find a lot of traditional and new ideas for kid projects and DIY ornaments suitable for adult hands. And then there are also a lot of pages dedicated to Italian Christmas recipes and menus. Do not miss them ;))

pearled ivory

Trendy color combination for Christmas decorations, fashion and decor.

If I had to choose keywords for next Christmas, I'd write pastel shades, aqua, white, snow, red, forest, green, eco-friendly, country, gold, crystal.

I begin with trendy colors for Christmas 2014! There is everything on the market, as it should be. Sellers have the good habit in Italy to divide their stands in areas dedicated to specific colors for ornaments: white, silver, gold, red, pink, purple ... In any case, in recent months I have noticed an increase in shades of light green and blue. But be careful because it is not always easy to combine, and especially to highlight, them in green pines. However, they are fine on white, frost, ice or snow pine trees that are depopulating now.
You can see some of these trendy colors and their combination in the images here on the side. They are taken from Pantone catalog. I want to clarify that the colors are similar to the catalog but to see them in all their precision you need a highly professional computer. Another detail: we will find them even in clothing and home decor.

Moreover, the Christmas market is trying to convince you to use even more colors for synthetic pine: from saffron yellow to pink for a perfect integration with the design of the area in which it is to be placed. I leave it to your own choice but I point out that decorating a pink pine is not easy, at all. Bread for the teeth of interior designers ;)

blue bell


Another trendy combination for winter 2014/15

Most of the fair stands has a wide exposure of animals of the forest. Deer, squirrels, bears, reindeer, seals, penguins ... I have also seen porcupines and the inevitable owls in all sizes and materials. All these animals are very beautiful. If they are small, they can be used to decorate the tree, otherwise you can place them near it to recreate a woodland setting. But it takes space, keep this in mind ;)

About new decorations ... I have seen a lot of artificial sweets to hang. To be clear, they are similar to cookies that traditionally are prepared at home. But I do not find them beautiful. They are really cheesy. Much better the real ones. And even here you should open a long speech. Who has the courage to eat them after they have been hanging for a few days in contact with the dust and unhygienic materials? is it not a waste especially in times of crisis and considering that many people in the Planet can not feed regularly?



Very beautiful color combination for winter 2014

Now let's see what's new for wreaths, garlands ... In addition to the classical ones to hang on the door that always have the same shape, I have seen a lot of wreaths to hang from the ceiling. Another nice idea is to hang on the ceiling very large Christmas balls, well hand-decorated by inserting a lot of ornaments in a polystyrene sphere. Or a sequence of balls, 3 to 4, from the largest to the smallest, with different decorations. Very nice idea to hang one or more branches on the ceiling and use those as a support for balls, birds, pinwheels .... tied with colored ribbons.

Santa Claus is ubiquitous. Only his big cheerful face to hang on the door or in his whole figure, standing or sitting in a chair, reading or with a whip in hand on the sled ... so there is a lot of Santa for everyone and every budget.

Trendy colors to decorate your Xmas tree

The last thing: what about Christmas lights? I do not know what you think about but now LEDs are the real protagonists. I did not like them until last year when I could find a very special play of light with multiple colors. And so I changed my mind. And then you can really save a lot on electricity bill =_^

handmade owl for Christmas tree
zoom »
Owl on Christmas tree

The latest news on DIY Christmas topic after visiting "Abilmente". This is a fair in Vicenza (near Venice) that offers to creative people to show their craft projects. Here's a Christmas tree that my husband could photograph (most of the exhibitors are rightly jealous of their work and do not allow it). As you can see, the effect is very different if compared to the traditional decorations bought already made. Generally, lights are not added.
The various stands are competing to create angels, strange characters, Santas, animals, flowers, bows ... everything and more. Felt, wool needle felting, decoupage on transparent or Styrofoam media, wood, wax ... I saw a lot of different stuff and techniques, from the most simple to make with your kids to the most difficult. I remember balls for the Christmas tree made ​​with microscopic beads. How much patience!
Lanterns and cages for birds, all well decorated, are still very loved.
For the first time I noticed stylized silhouettes of bells without door knocker, decorated with the usual Christmas ornaments. A little difficult to place them at home, is not it? ;))
I'm very inspired by this visit and you'll be able to find my own ideas in the link suggested above within few days.

And now a few words about Italian recipes and menus. What is the trend for Christmas 2014? the rediscovery of the tradition, definitely. Grandmother's, aunt's and mother's recipes depopulate. In short, family recipes. Someone may ask why. Crisis effect? or are there some other reasons? I think the effect is annoyance. Annoyance for ever more elaborate dishes presented on television and web that does not have a parallel in real life, at least for us women who work. So welcome back traditional recipes! Among other they cost less ;)) and you, what do you think? is it the same in your country?

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