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Italian Christmas decorations

Christmas is a magic moment in the year, especially if there are children at home. To enter the Holiday spirit the best thing is working all together at home, giving life to simple or more elaborated craft ideas: trendy ornaments for the pine tree, the Advent calendar, a new door wreath, a decorated garland to hang in the children room, a wall decoration, an arrangement in crystal vase or in a basket, the crib with its figures ... Whatever you want to do, the important thing is to do it together!

Trendy Christmas tree made with purple  feathers
Spiral Christmas tree with feather boa

DIY Christmas decorations

The first step is to choose the most appropriate decoration for your needs and desires.
At home. What is according to you, the real symbol of Xmas? the decorated pine tree? the crib that remember you Jesus birth? a welcoming wreath on the front door? and then: what's trendy this year?
If you have a shop your problem may be decorating its window or counter.
At office: what is the best solution? a wall decoration or a couple of decorated plants at the entrance?
Our pages are full of new and traditional decorating ideas: choose your favorite!

What kind of Christmas decoration are you looking for?

2015 Christmas trends

White and crystal for Christmas 2014

On this page there is an accurate summary of what my husband and I have seen in specific fairs recently. Tips for everyone and for all budgets. Included all trend colors and their combinations not only for christmas decorations but for fashion and home decor too.

Craft ideas for children

Simple to do Xmas decoration with Santa

Christmas finds its best when there are children at home. Spending your afternoons or evenings with them to create the characters of the crib, decorations with Santa Claus, ornaments for the tree or whatever is linked to Christmas traditions makes your whole family enter Holiday atmosphere. In this section you can find my Christmas stories too!

Handmade wall or door decorations

Decoration ideas for home, office and shop made by hand

Xmas decorations are not just limited to the classic tree or Nativity Scene or wreath. There are many other ideas to embellish your house with panels, garlands, floral arrangements ... all can be hung on your front door or every wall. They are often suitable for shop and office too.

Furniture ornaments

Long and narrow handmade Christmas decorations made with roses and bamboo

This section has a lot of ideas for handmade things which can be placed on furniture. Long and narrow, large and small ... all that are made with all the colors to suit all tastes!

Outdoor decorations

Advent wreath from the ceiling: outdoor Christmas decoration

Who has a terrace or a balcony very often likes to decorate it too. Here you will find many ideas for the wall, ceiling or railings. In addition, we also suggest how to adorn living plants, plant arrangements and sills.

Advent calendar

Advent calendar made with knitted panel and crib

It is a countdown to Christmas. We think it's one of the best ideas among the Christmas decorations that should be done especially when there are children at home. Most of our calendars offer an alternative to the classic little windows that must be opened to find everything. Our craft projects generally tell a story about Santa. We think it is useful to spend some time with children ;)

Pine tree decorating ideas

Christmas trees showing stories or games

Difficult to miss Xmas tree at home. There are alternative solutions for those who have really limited space too: a half tree or a panel on the wall, a tabletop tree ...
Here you can learn how to make new handmade ornaments or balls.

But our most beautiful creations have been done for children. Some of them show a story or a game. All children who saw them were fascinated ... believe us!


Flowers and fruit on Christmas wreath

Wall or door wreaths are very nice, they seem to say: "welcome home".
Hang them not only on your front door but also on the fireplace, a panel in a shop window, at office ... wherever you have free space. We propose different solutions with colors that reflect the classic Christmas pairings or new trends to give you many choices ;))

How to make a crib

A detail of natvity scene whose figures are made with needle felted wool

Christmas is the crib for people who celebrate its religious significance. The cribs that we show you are all hand-made. It takes patience and many hours of work not only to build the houses or characters but also to find the details of Palestinian life that dates back two thousand years ago. Hours to spend in peace and serenity. Ask the help of your children too ;)

Table ornaments

red Christmas ornament for table

The centerpiece that enriches and embellishes your table can become a decoration to be placed on the furniture for Holiday season. Just do not use fresh flowers or branches! See our pages for craft ideas and tips.

Guideline to Christmas decorations

Tutorial that helps you in planning your DIY ornaments.