Handmade Venetian masks

How to decorate papier-mâché masks to adorn your house for Carnival parties

Do you know the carnival of Venice? do you like its masks? here there is decorated mask how-to. These Venetian masks are suitable for decorating your house at Carnival. Hang them on your main door or a wall. You can also use one or the other to decorate your table if you're preparing a meal, buffet-style.

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Venice carnival masks

You'll need

  • A papier-mâché mask
  • Synthetic fabric
  • Acrylic water-based paint, white
  • Acrylic water-based paint, pure gold
  • Protective paint, transparent
  • Glue
  • Colored clips
  • Decorations according to your own taste
  • Black cardboard

Mask of Venice carnival how-to. Start from a papier-mâché mask

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  • - At first make a hole in the center of the forehead of your papier-mâché mask and insert a long transparent thread. You'll need it to hang this mask on your main door or anywhere you want.
  • - Then paint your papier-mâché mask with white colour.
    Let it dry very well and then paint it with pure gold paint. I diluited this color with a little water so I was obliged to make a second layer but the result is uniform.
    Then protect your mask with a transparent paint.
  • - Cut two rectangles from black cardboard and glue them around mask eyes, inside. This is a necessary step to hide your fabric.
  • - Glue the center of synthetic fabric inside your mask.
    Let glue dry very well and then drape fabric around your mask fixing it with some clips in the same color of fabric to camouflage them.
  • - Look at our photos for more details.
  • - Follow your fancy for the last step.
    You can use feathers in different colors, pieces of macramé lace, beads, flowers ...
    Glue your garnishments where you prefer.
  • - If you have any problem, email me.