The muff bag

The muff bag, for women who feel the cold: warm and clever!


the hand muff bag, italian style
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The muff bag, made by hand

You will need

  • - cm 60X60 (23.4X23.4in) polar fleece
  • - 2 zip, 15 cm (5.8in) long
  • - cm 30 (12in) Velcro
  • - 28X38 cm (10.9X14.8in) polyester wadding
  • - Needle
  • - Sewing thread
  • - Tacking thread
  • - Tape measure
  • - Scissors

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Winter bag, more difficult than the hand muff. Warm and clever. I added two little pockets inside with zips. They are very useful for your identity papers, money and key.

Cut a rectangle (cm 60X40-23.4X15.6in) from the polar fleece. Make two cuts, 15 cm (5.8in) long, at 3 cm (1.2in) from the upper edge and at 7 cm (2.7in) from the side edge. Look at the image 1 for more details.


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Cut the two pockets that are 2 rectangles (cm 17X22-6.6X8.6in).
Fold in half every pocket, so you have a rectangle whose dimensions are 17X11 cm (6.6X4.3in). Tack together the sides 11 cm (4.3in) long at 1 cm (0.4in) from the edge. Sew along the tackings with close stitches. Remove the tacking thread. Image 2.

Tack the two pockets into the two cuts. Turn over the two pockets and tack the two zips. Sew along the tackings with close stitches. Remove the tacking thread. Images 3 and 4.


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You have to roll up the hand muff along the side 40 cm (15.6in) long. So you have to make a Velcro fastener. Tack and then sew the velcro pieces with close stitches as you can look at the image 5.


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Remove the tackings.
Fold in half the rectangle as you can see in the image 6. The pocket must be aside in this step. Close two sides of your muff at first with a tacking and then sewing with close stitches. Remove the tackings.
Turn over the muff, insert the rectangle of polyester wadding and close the third side with close stitches by hand.
Put your personal finishing touch sewing a coloured string as you can see in the second photo.