Decoration for children room.

D.I.Y panel for children bedroom. January: the penguins

Each month a different children's room decoration. Economic, not expensive handmade decoration. Easy to do with your kids. Decoration associated with a tale read by Fairy Elle, the fairy kid. January. It's cold! Why not to be inspired by penguins? penguins in a Pole landscape and penguins in the children story. Other handmade decorations?
decorated door panel
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Handmade decorated door panel with penguins

You will need

  • - Bristol board - white - 50x70cm
  • - Bristol board - gray - 100x70cm
  • - Penguin images (photos, decoupage papers ...)
  • - 4 polystyrene snowflakes
  • - 1 white foam rubber (Knorr Prandell - 2mm thick) sheet or white board
  • - 3D glitter white glue pen
  • - Scissors
  • - Decoupage glue
  • - Little brush
  • - Patafix
  • - 2 frame hanger adhesive
  • - Thin nylon thread
  • - Not too thin wire

Make inexpensive, easy-to-do, creative decorations with your kids

decoupage technique
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Decoration for children with penguin images
. Detail of panel.
  • - Start by gluing the two frame hanger adhesive at the two corners of the upper side in the gray Bristol board.
  • - Reinforce the upper side by gluing a strip of any card. In this way, your panel will remain tense when you hang it.
  • - Cut out the white card as you see in the picture and paste it on the bottom of the gray card.
  • - Prepare the snowflakes.
    - cut out accurately the penguin images
    - moisten the back of every image with a sponge, soaked and well squeezed
    - place the image on the snowflake center
    - brush the glue with delicacy
  • - Let all dry very well.
  • - Prepare the images to be glued on the foam rubber or white board if you prefer.
    - in this case, cut roughly the area in which they are included
    - spread a thin layer of glue on the foam rubber and then place your images
    - avoid the formation of any fold
    - let all dry perfectly and then cut out the outline of your figures carefully
  • - Fix every image to white Bristol board with patafix pieces.
  • - To hang your panel.
    - tie the nylon thread to one of your frame hanger adhesive
    - unroll the nylon thread, let it pass over the door and then reach the handle of the other side, go back over the door and tieit to the second hook
  • - Now let's hang the snowflakes.
    - cut the wire into 4 little pieces
    - give them a U-shape and introduce each of one into the top of a snowflake, leaving a small loop that sticks out
    - knot the nylon thread inside the little loop that you've formed in the previous step and then pass the thread over the door
    - secure it on the opposite side of the door with a piece of patafix or knot it directly to the handle
    - the same step for every snowflake
  • - Your penguin-decorated panel is ready!.
    what about it? do you like it?
    Make it with your children!
decoupage item
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Penguin on polystyrene snowflake
step-by-step decoupage  instructions
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Decoupage technique on polystyrene item. Snowman.
how to glue images on polystyrene
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Decoupage on polystyrene item. Seal images.
penguin images on rice paper
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Penguin with scarf on polystyrene snowflake