Decoration for children room October

Decorated garland for children's bedroom with a fairy tale about birds

This is a simple home decoration to do with your kids: a garland to hang around their bedroom window. It's garnished with little birds, spring flowers and nests. It remembers us that spring has come with all its colors. Besides you can read a tender story, birds celebrate too, of Fairy Elle's series. Other decoration ideas?

spring decoration fo window
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Decorated garland for children room

You'll need

  • - Pine garland
  • - Little silk daisies
  • - Long branch with flowers
  • - Little birds in different colors
  • - Little bird house
  • - Nest with brood
  • - Scissors
  • - Florist green colored wire
  • - Tacks

How to decorate a garland according to spring themes, inspired by a fairy tale

  • - Use the same pine garland for your Christmas decorations.
  • - Start fixing your garland around the window frame with tacks.
  • - This is a simple-to-do decoration. Just take a cue from the fairy tale "Birds celebrate too".
    Most of the flowers should be arranged along one side while the birds should be placed on the opposite side as if they had formed a chain to pull a branch of flowers and thus complete the decorations in preparation.
    I put the little house of the birds and their nests at the lowest point on one of the sides because that is the center of the decoration.
    Remember to place small daisies next to the nests. There is a party for the new borns!
  • - Help yourself with some pieces of florist green colored wire.
  • - Want a simplier idea?
    Get a branch with a lot of twigs and insert it first in a floral foam and then insert the foam in a jar or in vase. Build a nest, and then place it between the twigs.
    Arrange birds and flowers respecting the fairy tale.
    Cover the foam with moss.
    It may be a nice handmade decoration for Easter too.