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DIY winter decorations

Christmas opens the winter but does not last long, then how to decorate your house, shop or office? Here are a lot of projects for adults and children, inspired by the nature.

DIY little tree decorated with holly and berries
DIY little tree decorated for winter

What are the best inspirations for winter decorations?

Beyond the snow and ice what images come to your mind in this season? not all nature is at rest. Red and orange berries color many plants in the gardens. Winter camellias bloom until January and beyond. Heather resists very well in the cold, such as ivy. Christmas roses (Helleborus) prefer the cold as violets that peep out quiet under the snow. And then is not winter the season for oranges?
Use them fresh or synthetic provided they are very beautiful. And do not forget all the animals with a white coat ;)

Here are our winter crafts

Handmade little tree

little tree decorated for winter

This tree comes from a Christmas decoration which is then adapted. Take off all the ribbons and other ornaments typical of Holiday season and add holly and berries. You will enjoy it until spring!