Easter tree with bunny

Why don't we decorate the artificial pine used for Christmas at Easter?

Easter tree has been in fashion for some years. I confess that I like having a decorated pine according to the season in a corner of my house. It is a touch of color, the way to remember me that I'm in spring ... in fall ... in summer ... ot that Holiday Season is coming. What about it? A new way to decorate home for those who love it and want to surround themselves with handmade objects. Other decorations for Easter or spring?

Easter tree decorated with little animals and silk flowers
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Easter tree with bunny, birds and flowers

You will need

  • - The artificial pine you usually use at Christmas
  • - Silk little flowers of different colors, typical of spring
  • - Some little animals of different colors

I had this idea, at the end of Holiday Season, while I was disassembling my Christmas tree.
"What a pity! - I said to me - I use it only once a year! This tree, well decorated, gives my home so beautiful". And so I thought to decorate it at Easter too!
We generally don't think of decorating a pine at Easter but pines bud in spring and give shelter to birds and their nests.
And so ... this is my new Easter tree! It's nice, isn't it?
Then, I confess, at the end of spring, I removed birds and lilac and yellow flowers and turned it for summer, and then in October for autumn ... and then ... Christmas came back. So it has become an ornament all year round!

How to make an Easter tree with bunny

  • - This Easter tree is easy to do.
    Buy flowers and animals combining their colors very well.
    Look at the photo and its enlargement for more details.
  • - This is a nice decoration for your house, shop or shop window, school or office.
  • - Think of it in the hall of an hotel!
  • - Have a happy Easter!