A white and golden table for Christmas

Let's use white and golden colors for our Christmas table


Laying Christmas table in gold and white
Let's use white and golden colors for our Christmas table

It's easier than we think to change look to our table: an original centrepiece, a beautiful tablemat, a different placecard. And it isn't necessary to spend too much!
In this case we've realized a magic and unusual Christmas table.
As we made for other examples it's only a suggestion; it may be you have some ideas looking at our images and can combine your things in a different way.

The table-cloth is white; crockery is white and in china.
We used crystal glasses for water, wine and sparkling wine. Knives, spoons and forks are in stainless steel. We made a beautiful touch of golden color using a cardboard tablemat.
The predominant colors are: white, gold and green.
Placecards are put on every napkin; go to this page for step-by-step instructions. We used the same roses for our net Christmas tree. We throw nothing away!
The centrepiece is realized with white silk roses, pine and a golden ribbon. That's cool! You can use it for decorating your table at Christmas or for a corner of your home.

Details of the seat at the table with placecard.
In this photo you can look at the placecard; click here if you want to realize it.
In this picture we arranged spoon, knife and fork in a different way; they are not lined up with the dishes, they are put on them. We tied up them with a green-golden ribbon whose colors combine very well with the whole table: gold, white and green!

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