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An original Christmas tree

You will need

  • - A natural branch without leaves;
  • - A trivet to support the branch;
  • - 2 m (78 in) golden net 40 cm (15 in) high;
  • - Some autumn cloth leaves;
  • - 12 silk white roses with their stalks and leaves;
  • - 18 m (59 ft) cloth green ribbon;
  • - 3 cm (~1.2 in) high Golden color in flakes;
  • - Glue;
  • - Scissors;
  • - Green cotton thread and needle;
  • - Green iron wire, very thin .


  • About 2 - 3 hours.

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The traditional Christmas decorations are always beautiful and fascinating but...have you ever thought about anything new? We suggest to you an unusual Christmas tree with different decorations.
A golden net becomes a Christmas decoration.

Make firm the branch in the trivet. Wind the golden net around the branch, cutting with scissors the sprigs that should hamper, in case. Prepare the green ribbons with the roses as we're going to explain to you in the bottom of this page. Arrange every rose on the golden net, using little pieces of green iron wire. Put the roses leaves at their sides. On the contrary arrange autumn cloth leaves on the wooden branch. If you want, you can sprinkle some golden color in flakes on the branch too; but in this way you can't use it for other decorations. In the next month we're going to suggest you the same branch with decorations for a Carnival party and for Easter. If you have any problem, !!

Prepare the green ribbons with the roses. The required material is shown in the photo.

Roll up the beginning of the ribbon; fold it in the way of an accordion, enlarging gradually every double pleat. With some green cotton thread and a needle sew the center in order to fix the pleats; in this way you can open them in the way of a fan.

Take away the stalk and the leaves to the roses; brush some glue on the end of every petal and sprinkle some golden color in flakes. Stick every rose on a green ribbon. Let them dry very well. Brush some glue on the roses and autumn cloth leaves and sprinkle some golden color in flakes.

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