Table and home at Easter

Simple to do decorations for your Easter table

Looking for easy and quick to do ideas to decorate your table and home at Easter? want the help of your kids too? look at this page. They are nice throughout the spring ;))

handmade napkin rings for sprng table
DIY serviette rings for Easter table

How to do simple serviette rings, centerpiece and placecards for your Easter and spring table

  • - There aren't necessary great things to make beautiful your table. You could ask the help of your children too!
  • - You could make very simple place holders.
    Take an eggcup and fill it with some little chocolate eggs. Then write the name of your guest on a little card, glue it around a small colored stick and put it among the eggs.
    You could also use little colored glasses and fill them with chocolate eggs.
  • - The centerpiece may be very simple too: a bowl filled with little chocolate eggs, a bunch of flowers of your garden, some silk branches of peach with coloured little birds ...
  • - Another original solution is to prepare handmade serviette rings.
    I used silver plated wire, Ø 1 mm (Gütermann) in pieces 30-40cm (12-16in) long.
    Coil every piece round a cylindrical case with the diameter you want.
    In the first example I only put a silk flower with its great leaf on the central coil using patchwork pins (you can also glue it)
  • - In the second example I arranged some little silk flowers on the central coil and then closed the ends with some Gütermann pearls or other beads (choose the colors to accompany the flowers).
  • - In the third example I placed some glass flowers on the central coil (help yourself with a thin wire) and then made a series of double (single) crochets round the coils with wool.
    Choose the wool color according to the flowers.
  • - All the colors I chose remember spring: yellow, pink, orange...
    Combine your decorations with the table cloth and dinner set so all the table will be graceful and harmonius.
  • - For more details look at the photos.
  • - You could find other decorating ideas in the pages devoted to Easter made in the past years.

Some tips to decorate your home

  • - Let's make a simple decoration with silk flowers.
    Choose a basket and some spring flowers in these colors: white, yellow, lilac, purple.
    Arrange them in your basket after trimming their stalks. Look at the photo for more details.
    Complete your decoration with a yellow ribbon.
    Your decoration is ready!
    Put it on a piece of furniture or use as a centerpiece for a very colored table.

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