White magnolias on Christmas table

A refined centrepiece with silk flowers


a centerpiece with silk flowers
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A centerpiece with silk roses and magnolias

Required material

  • Silk magnolias
  • Silk white roses
  • Artificial green branches (Ficus)
  • Some little branches of golden fern
  • Golden lotus flowers
  • Other golden Christmas decorations
  • A sponge for floral compositions
  • A large, not deep, container
  • Cutting nippers


30 minutes

The centrepiece we've chosen for the Christmas table in white color is very refined although it is made with silk flowers and artificial green leaves. We also used some golden Christmas decorations but you may substitute them with other silk flowers when Christmas-time is over. In this way you can make a different centrepiece for other special occasions or a floral composition to adorn your house in every time.
Fresh flowers are always more beautiful then artificial ones but nowadays there are silk flowers that are perfect and realistic; they' re expensive but we can use them for fantastic floral compositions.

Put the sponge inside the container you've chosen for your composition, forcing it. In this way you can avoid that your composition moves. The sponge must be higher than its container, so you can also fix flowers, leaves and golden decorations sideways too.
Begin to arrange the artificial green branches sideways and on the upper part of the sponge, after making them shorter. For this operation you have to use cutting nippers. Put aside some green branches.
At this point insert magnolias, roses, golden fern and the other golden decorations, after shortening their stalks with cutting nippers. For realizing that, look at the photo!
The final step is to arrange the green branches you've put aside.
The centrepiece is ready.

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