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Italian starters & appetizers

Italian starter is well known as antipasto. It opens a full Italian menu in different ways. It can be an assorted platter of salami, cheeses and other tidbits or a particular dish, in smaller portion, such as a flan or a clam chowder and so on. Another choice could be assorted appetizers of different kinds. In fact there are hundreds of different recipes. Note it is note a course for our everyday menu ;))

  • Italian Antipasto
  • Italian Crostini and croutons
  • Easy-to-eat finger foods
  • Canapés
  • Savory cakes

    Serving Italian starters & appetizers

    Starter. Impress your guests beginning your dinner party with some recipes of the Italian tradition. You can choose among assorted salami & cheese platter, bruschetta, crostini, canapés, marinated anchovies, panzerotti, pizza, vegetables in oil, dressed olives, vegetable pudding, savoury pies or savory bignés (puffs) ...
    Appetizers. Prepare a lot of tasteful tidbits for your meal, buffet-style to celebrate all the important occasions in your life.
    Make entertaining morsels for your Halloween, Christmas, Easter party menu, Italy-style!
    Choose easy-to-eat finger foods for your BBQ party to serve to your guests waiting for main dishes.

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    Italian antipasto

    Russian salad

    Want to know how Italians assemble their famous dish with which they begin a full menu?

    We have divided the recipes according to the ingredients to let you browse our pages easier. So you'll be able to find from assorted salami platter to grated or boiled clams.


    Italian tartine with fish and fruit

    Canapes are called tartine in Italy. They are different from crostini. We Italians make them with sliced, soft bread, ritz, savory cookies ... They are perfect to begin a full menu or to pair to a good cocktail for aperitivo time.

    Easy-to-eat finger foods

    Orange and shrimp salad

    Who doesn't know these easy-to-eat appetizers? I use them especially in my buffet-style meals, BBQ parties, alfresco dinners or cocktail parties. Here you'll be able to find a lot of ideas with meat, fish and vegetables.

    Italian Crostini and croutons

    seafood crostini

    We Italians are famous all over the world for our crostini. Outside Italy they are called croutons too. In any way you call them, they are too much tasty. Do you agree?

    Savory cakes

    savory cake, Italian-style

    Savory tarts, pies and cakes are a real specialty of Italian cuisine. I serve them in many occasions.
    You'll be able to find a lot of tasty ideas for all seasons and all ages!