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Black truffles on toast or bruschettas with truffles
( Crostini alla spoletina )

Recipe from Spoleto in Umbria

These croutons from Spoleto, also called bruschettas topped with truffles, are typically formed of bread slices, toasted and spread with truffle sauce. They are a key ingredient of a typical Umbrian appetizer. Truffle sauce can be prepared in many different ways. Below you will find the traditional version and then that one I learned to do at home since childhood when I had the habit to help mom in the kitchen. Thanks to my long stay in Umbria who taught me so much! :))

difficulty: easy

time: 40 minutes

calories: (kCal)

Ingredients / Serves 12

  • 1 medium size (100 to 150g - 3 1/2 to 5 1/3 ounces) black truffle
  • 4 anchovy fillets in oil
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • Sandwich bread or loaf
  • Good-quality extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt
easy recipe
preparation: 30 minutes
cooking: 10 minutes
total: 40 minutes
How many calories in a serving?
Calories: n.c. (kcal) - n.c. (kJ)
Protein: n.c. (g)
Total fat: n.c. (g)
Total carbohydrate: n.c. (g)
Sugars: n.c. (g)

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Recipe for bruschettas with black truffles

Preparation and cooking

  • - Prepare truffles.
    Clean truffles with a little brush and then with a moistened napkin.
    Grate it finely.
  • - Prepare truffle sauce.
    Put 2 tablespoons olive oil together with anchovy fillets and garlic in a saucepan and let all ingredients fry slightly.
    When anchovy fillets are melted, remove garlic cloves and add grated truffle.
    Let all flavour for 2 minutes and then turn off the stove.
    Sprinkle with lemon juice and season to taste with salt.

Just before serving

  • - Brush bread slices with some olive oil, toast them in the oven or grill them lightly.
    Spoon truffle sauce on them.
  • - Serve hot or warm.



  • - You could also buy a canned truffle sauce. In Italy we have many truffle specialities. Truffle sauce for starters, truffle sauce to season spaghetti and other shape of pasta or to flavor meat and fish dishes, especially rabbit ...
    In any cae I prefer fresh truffles or, alternatively, canned whole truffles that is preserved in natural way.
  • - I couldn't calculate nutrition facts because the doses can vary very much according to the size of black truffles, olive oil amount and your own taste. In fact you can spread truffle sauce in a layer whose thickness is variable. That's the reason why in the ingredient list you have read 100 to 150 grams of black truffle.
  • - My own version of truffle crostini.
    I lived for many years in Umbria with my family of origin where we used to prepare these crostini with truffles in another way.
    We used no garlic or anchovies in order to appreciate truffle flavor completely.
    Before showing you recipe directions let me tell you something about truffle cleaning. Truffles are often full of earth; in this case wash them under cold running water, brushing them. Truffles do not get damaged, I experienced it many times, believe me!!
    Let them dry very well (put them on a napkin in a dry place and turn them often until dry).
    At this point grate them, add abundant olive oil, stir and season to taste with salt (your sauce must be covered by oil).
    In this way you'll have a sauce to spoon on toasted bread or to season spaghetti or to flavor your rabbit recipes ...

Menu planning

  • - I serve these crostini with black truffles in many different occasions for both rustic and formal menus. The only care is to "manage" bread well. Let me explain better.
    In rustic menus every crouton is brought to the mouth without much trouble. So it's wonderful loaf even if it "crunches".
    Different matter when you're at the table with knife and fork. In this case, I prefer to prepare slices of soft bread, just warmed in the oven, and I point everything on the quality of extra virgin olive oil and truffle :))
  • - I often prepare a typical starter, Umbria-style. An assorted platter with salami, cheese accompanied by honey or specific jam, crostini with game or truffle sauce and truffle frittata. All people who tasted it liked it unconditionally ;) You can find the link below.
  • - Another way to serve these crostini. Choose other kinds of crostini to make an assorted platter that can be suitable for a meal, buffet-style or a snack, a picnic ...
  • - And finally you can prepare these crostini with truffle sauce on the top for your happy hour (Italian aperitivo) at home. Paired wines are suggested below.

Useful links for this recipe

  • - Here's the recipe for assorted antipasto platter, Umbria-style.
  • - Do you have any curiosity about black truffle? how to choose, store, treat and use it? read the page on our website dedicated to providing information on food (theitaliantaste.info): black truffle
  • - My husband and I are used to buy black truffle via Internet. Consult Italia Tartufi website for more details. We find easily all that we need; fresh black truffles, whole truffles in brine, truffle slices in brine or preserved in olive oil and other interesting products.


What's the right wine for " Black truffles on toast or bruschettas with truffles "?

My husband and I usually do different pairings depending on the occasion. The wine we love the most is definitely the classic method sparkling wine because its bubbles help balance the pH of our mouth. Sparkling wine may be paired for the entire meal and does not create any problem to change.
The ideal wine is definitely the white one though, by tradition, Umbrian restaurants continue serving local red wines.
My husband and I usually uncork a bottle of red young and fruity wine to accompany these truffle crostini only when we plan picnics or happy hours at home.