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Wild boar meat

Speaking of the boar makes me think back when I was young and my father went to hunt invariably returning home with pheasants, wild boars, hares. We filled the freezer and it was always a party. Economic crises are nothing new in recent years. My parents had to grow four children. And so I learned to clean up and cook the game too. Now everything is different. I studied, grew up and life has taught me not to appreciate any longer hunting.
Now I buy ready-to-cook wild boar at the grocery store ;)

wild boar dish
Wild boar stew

Wild boar cooking ideas

We Italians cook this kind of meat in many ways but fresh meat needs too many hours of cooking.
It's the reason why I freeze it, in the right doses and cut into pieces, for at least two months.
Then I thaw it and proceed with my recipe.
Obviously, there is no need to make these steps if you buy frozen wild boar.
The most important thing is to marinate it very well.
I learnt to cook it from my mother and from local people in Umbria.

Recipe list according to the ingredients and cooking method


stew wild boar served with polenta

Easy-to-do recipe to serve this meat with polenta or mashed potatoes or seasonal vegetable.
For formal or non-formal menus. Calories and wine to match included.