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Capon, Italy-style

I'm very fond of capon. I have always been used to see it on my Christmas table. My grandmother from Piedmont boiled it to prepare the best broth in the year (it's a well known Italian tradtion to have a good broth for tortellini in the Christmas evening). But the main dish for Christmas lunch was baked turkey. So it was inevitable to have a lot of meat left and so it was equally inevitable to grind capon and turkey meat to make the filling for the best ravioli ... to be eaten at our New Year's Eve dinner!

  • Capon filled with chestnuts
  • Capon in olive oil
  • Capon stuffed with Cointreau-flavored chestnuts

    Capon, what is its origin?

    The ancients called it Gallus gallinaceus. It has always been a good idea to castrate chickens not destined for slaughter immediately, to have only one king in the roost. Less problems between males and hens ;) I know something having had a chicken coop in my youth. With this particular treatment, fattened chickens with more delicious meat were obtained. Typically, they were rich gifts or the main course on Christmas table. Traditionally, the richest lunch or dinner in the year, to do with the family. Fortunately, this tradition has not been lost and capon is easily found in December.

    Capon recipes, listed according to their cooking method and main ingredients

    Baked whole, filled with chestnuts and sausage

    Capon filled with chestnuts

    Great recipe for your Holiday Season menus. I continue basting its meat with Myrtle liqueur or Marsala during the cooking.

    Boiled and put in olive oil

    Capon in olive oil

    This dish is very simple to do and tastes fantastic! Ideal for your meal, buffet style in any year-end party!

    Baked whole, stuffed with Cointreau-flavored chestnuts and sausage

    Capon stuffed with Cointreau-flavored chestnuts

    In its filling there is pumpkin too! My guests were astonished for its taste. I suggest a full Italian menu to serve it.