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Strawberry tiramisu
( Tiramisù alle fragole)

Italian traditionl recipe

Why do we Italians insist on calling this dessert strawberry tiramisu? actually this sweet, very fashionable in recent years, doesn't resembles the real tiramisu, even vaguely. Tiramisu comes from the contrast between the strong bitter coffee and sweet mascarpone cream and it's truly unique. We should invent another name according to its ingredients: ladyfingers, mascarpone, eggs, sugar, strawberries and liqueur. Lady strawberry, for example, remembering that ladyfingers is the English term for our savoiardi (ladyfingers). Joking aside, I propose my own version of strawberry tiramisu that enriches our dessert directory.

difficulty: easy

time: 40 minutes

calories: 427 (kCal)

Ingredients / Serves 12

  • 500g (1.1 pound) mascarpone cheese
  • 6 whole eggs
  • 150g (5 1/3 ounces) granulated sugar
  • 500g (1.1 pound) ripe but firm strawberries
  • 100ml (3 1/3 fluid ounces - 1/3 cup plus 1 tbsp plus 1 tsp) alchermes liqueur
  • 400g (14 ounces) ladyfingers (savoiardi biscuits)
easy recipe
preparation: 40 minutes
plus time for flavoring strawberries
cooking: not required
total: 40 minutes
How many calories in a serving?
Calories: 427 (kcal) 22 % - 1788 (kJ)
Protein: 10.0 (g) 20 % GDA
Total fat: 23.5 (g) 34 % GDA
Total carbohydrate: 42.5 (g) 16 % GDA
Sugars: 31.2 (g) 35 % GDA

Download free PDF version (138 download).

Strawberry tiramisu recipe


  • - Prepare strawberries.
    Soak strawberries with their stem so that water can't enter the fruit.
    Don't let strawberries in water too long. Strawberry deteriorates very easily. Therefore this operation must be fast. I'm usually change water three times in less than five minutes.
    Pat dry with absorbent kitchen paper.
    Remove their stem.
    Put apart 100g (3 1/2 ounces) strawberries to garnish your dish.
    Cut remaining strawberries into pieces directly in a bowl.
    Add Alchermes liqueur and 30g (1 ounce) sugar too.
    Stir well but with delicacy.
    Cover with a towel and let rest for at least a couple of hours.
  • - Prepare mascarpone cream.
    Just before assembling your dessert, separate whites from yolks.
    Whip mascarpone with egg yolks until your mixture is fluffy.
    Whip egg whites with remaining sugar until stiff.
    Combine these two mixtures. Add whipped egg whites to mascarpone-and-yolk mixture and stir with a wooden spoon from the bottom up gently.
  • - At this point, take again your strawberries that you'll find dipped in a very fragrant liquid.
    Divide strawberries from their liquid very well helping yourselves with a strainer.
  • - Assemble strawberry tiramisu.
    Wet sponge fingers in the strawberry liquid, dipping them quickly. The number must be right to make a first layer of cookies lined up next to each other in the container you have chosen. I recommend you not to wet your biscuits to the point of soaking them. I take a biscuit, dip it in the liquid, then turn and take it off ;))
    Cover with a thick layer of mascarpone cream.
    Distribute strawberry pieces on mascarpone layer.
    Proceed alternating layers until you finish all ingredients.
    Depending on the type of container that you decide to use, you'll be able to get from two to several layers of biscuits.
    Remember the last layer must be made with mascarpone cream as you can see in the photo.
    Garnish with strawberries you've put apart according your fancy.
  • - Chill, covered with film, until serving.

Just before serving

  • - Remove the cake from the refrigerator about ten minutes before serving.
    If you want you can add some chocolate cookies on the top now.
  • - Serve in individual portions on a saucer with dessert spoon.
    For strawberry tiramisu in cup, read below.



  • - I usually prepare and serve strawberry tiramisu in the same day. I'll make it a few hours in advance so that its various ingredients can flavor.
    However, if you have some pieces left, you can keep them in the refrigerator until next day.
  • - A useful precaution is to make sure your eggs are fresh as this sweet doesn't require cooking.
    Further attention must be put in summer with high temperatures. Do not let strawberry tiramisu too much time out of the refrigerator. Behave with this kind of tiramisu as you'd do with ice cream.
  • - I tried to use Cointreau instead of Alchermes with completely different results. I always prefer my first version with Alchermes.
  • - If you want to prepare strawberry tiramisu for children, you can marinate strawberries in orange juice, even in greater quantity than 100ml (3 1/3 fluid ounces - 1/3 cup plus 1 tbsp plus 1 tsp). Strawberries and orange juice are an excellent combination. The proportions of strawberries and sugar do not change. You can also use bottled orange juice, no added sugar.
  • - The doses of tirramisu ingredients may vary considerably depending on the container you use to assemble your dessert. This is the reason why there is only a container for tiramisu to be used in every Italian family.
    So it's difficult to make mistakes ;)
  • - It's more complicated to fill bowls or cup with strange shape as that one you can see in the photo. My tip is to practice very well with rectangular deep containers at the beginning ;))

Menu planning

  • - Strawberry tiramisu falls into the category of special sweets, the ones that can be done only for special occasions. In fact it can not be the usual dessert for a snack or your daily menu. Just look at its calories!
  • - So choose it for a birthday party (for kids too), a summer party, an alfresco dinner provided it is not based on fish, a BBQ party or a meal, buffet-style.
  • - Ideal season are summer and spring.

Healthy eating

  • - There is little to say and do. Even strawberry tiramisu, as all cream-based cakes, is a calorie bomb. In this case the situation is also aggravated by mascarpone. One serving is equivalent to a pasta dish with many ingredients. Imagine what happens when you add whipped cream to mascarpone cream as I read in many recipes in other sites.
  • - Fiber per serving: 1.4 grams


What's the right wine for " Strawberry tiramisu "?

I do not really serve any sparkling or dessert wine with strawbery tiramisu. I prefer to serve a dry liquor after.