Authentic Italian Cooking

Italian cakes and dessert

  • Chocolate-and-orange tart
  • Apricot tart
  • Orange-and-chocolate tart
  • Clementine and chocolate tart
  • Apple tart
  • Watermelon jelly
  • Apple strudel
  • Pumpkin cake
  • Sicilian cannoli
  • Pepperedbread
  • Saint Honoré cake
  • Strawberry Tiramisù
  • French Christmas log cake
  • Panettone with fresh yeast

    Italian cakes and desserts

    This is a section dedicated to dessert recipes: Italian traditional cakes or our original creations. Besides you can find low-fat and low-calories dessert recipe ideas.
    Who doesn't love cakes? Very few persons. A cake is the perfect end of a lunch or a dinner; you can also eat them at breakfast and in every moment of the day. There are a great variety of cakes adapted to all seasons and made for special occasions:
    Christmas, Easter, birthday ... Italian cakes are famous all over the world. Come on and learn how to make them by your hands!

    Traditional recipes

    Our original home cooking

    Panettone or Italian Christmas bread recipes

    • Emmer (farro) panettone whole emmer flour, honey instead of refined sugar, dehydrated pineapple instead of candied fruit, sourdough instead of fresh yeast. A natural low-rise cake for people who like healthy eating.

    Low-fat and low-calorie dessert recipes

    For cream preparations look at "index recipes for basic preparations"
    For light cakes look at "light recipes"