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Pasta salad with smoked salmon and artichokes in oil
( Insalata di pasta con salmone e carciofini )

Our original home cooking

Pasta salad with smoked salmon and artichokes in oil is a quick-to-do and simple main dish for your alfresco dinner or a tasty dish for a meal, buffet style or one-course meal for your Sunday lunch. Choose good quality salmon, artichokes, pasta and olive oil for the best result. Prefer fresh aromatic herbs and use the amount you like. Pair a white wine.

difficulty: easy

time: 30 minutes

calories: 537 (kCal)

Ingredients / Serves 2

  • 180g (6 1/3 ounces) pasta
  • 30g (1 ounce) ready-to-eat sun dried tomatoes
  • 60g (2.1 ounces) artichokes in oil
  • Fresh chives, chopped
  • Fresh flat-leaf parsley, chopped
  • 1 1/2 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt
easy recipe
preparation: 15 minutes
cooking: 30 minutes
total: 30 minutes
How many calories in a serving?
Calories: 537 (kcal) 27 % - 2248 (kJ)
Protein: 26.6 (g) 54 % GDA
Total fat: 17.1 (g) 25 % GDA
Total carbohydrate: 61.8 (g) 23 % GDA
Sugars: 3.6 (g) 4 % GDA

Download free PDF version (167 download).

Recipe for pasta salad with smoked salmon and artichokes in oil

Preparation and cooking

  • - Prepare all the ingredients to dress the pasta.
    Cut salmon slices into strips and slice artichokes.
    Put all in a serving bowl.
    Cut sun dried tomatoes too and add them to the bowl.
    Add aromatic herbs and olive oil too.
    Stir and put apart.
  • - Cook pasta.
    Meanwhile cook pasta in abundant salt water until al dente stage.
  • - The last step.
    Drain pasta and run under cold water in order to stop cooking, drain again.
    Transfer your pasta into the bowl.
    Stir and taste to determine if the dish needs added salt.
    It shouldn't be necessary.

Just before cooking

  • - Let your pasta rest for at least an hour before serving.



  • - You can make this pasta salad with farro (emmer) or wholemeal pasta too as you can se in the photo.

Menu planning

  • - Serve it at your Sunday family lunch or as a course in a complete menu for a celebration party. In the last case it serves more people (4 to 5 servings). I generally prepare this pasta salad with salmon and artichokes for my fish BBQ party or my full fish-only menus.
    Think of it for your meal, buffet-style too!

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Healthy eating

  • - Serve this pasta salad at lunch and complete your meal only with fresh fruit. It's a pefect one-plate meal! Add raw seasonal vegetable (celery, carrots, tomatoes or bell peppers without dressing these vegetables) if you are still hungry. Don't exceed with protein at dinner, it would be better a vegetarian menu at dinner. Eventually, to reduce the calories, use only 80 g (2 3/4oz) pasta.
    Here are the doses per head: 90g (3 1/4 ounces) pasta, 15g (1/2 ounce) sundried tomatoes, 30g (1 ounce) artichokes in oil, 50g (1 3/4 ounce) smoked salmon, aromatic herbs and 2 teaspoons olive oil.

What's the right wine for " Pasta salad with smoked salmon and artichokes in oil "?

Our tip is Pinot Grigio, a tasty white wine of Friuli in Italy