Come rimediare agli errori cuocendo la pasta

How to remedy mistakes in cooking pasta   Loretta Sebastiani

The question in this page is: is it possible to remedy mistakes in cooking pasta? or, in other words, what are the most common mistakes in cooking pasta? Well, I think the most useful way is to show you the situation through some images. Read more below! but remember ... once the damage is done, it is difficult to remedy! So it is better to learn how to cook pasta correctly too :))

Pasta dressed with tomato and prawn sauce
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A well cooked and dressed pasta dish!

Common mistakes in cooking pasta

First mistake

too small pan for cooking pasta

There is not enough water here!
Remember: 1 liter of water per 100g (3 1/2 ounces) of pasta. Another little detail: the water is too foamy! It may not be good-quality pasta!

Third mistake

cutting spaghetti or not?

Is it ok to cut spaghetti before cooking them? Cutting spaghetti or not? This is the problem =_^
Some Italians think it is a mistake to halve spaghetti as you can see in the photo. Others tell it’s possible for it would be very difficult to eat them if too long. Everyone makes the right thing for himself. To be honest, when I have guests, I always halve spaghetti to prevent any inappropriate splash and embarrassment!

Second mistake

Have you never stirred? lumped spaghetti

Not much water. Pasta is not stirred. Two great mistakes! What a trouble! Who’s forgotten to stir pasta? Besides there isn’t enough water. It’s almost impossible to remedy these mistakes. If you add water, you can have sticky pasta. Impossible to separate spaghetti if you have not stirred them just after adding into boiling water

Fourth mistake

the right amount of salt in cooking pasta

Another mistake: the right amount of salt. You can remedy to this kind of mistake. If you have added too much salt, add a potato to boiling water: this will absorb the salt in excess. If you have not added enough salt, add more salt to the sauce ;))
At any rate, take a look at my cooking pasta tips too!

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