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The Woman's Day

Planning Woman's Day celebration at work

Tips for the employer, colleagues ... good wishes for Women's Day

A few simple tips for work colleagues

  • - Acting as nothing happens and the 8th of March is a normal day is not very nice if at work there are women. Every man should contribute few cents to buy a small bunch of flowers (think of mimosa too, the symbol of Woman's Day in Italy) to put in a vase, in a common area. It is not necessary to give flowers to every woman. It would be very kind to prepare a card with a sentence of greetings and sympathy to all colleagues.
  • - Be careful if you are an employer with only a clerk, woman. Pay attention to the tone of the card to avoid creating false expectations or embarrassing situations.
  • - In the case of an executive with a staff of more people, it is important the initiative would depart from the executive himself or at least he is involved in the initiative so that his signature is the first in the greeting card and he isn't astounded for women's thanks ...

Tips for writing greetings (formal and informal)

  • - A good day to all the colleagues of our staff
  • - Big thanks to all the women in our society for their hard and fruitful work
  • - On this day we'd like to thank you for your presence
  • - March 8 International Women's Day: sincere best wishes from all of us
  • - It 's your party. You should not stay at work. But how would we do without you?