Themed dinner menus

Birthday dinner

This menu is designed for six. We planned it thinking about a birthday that you want to celebrate in the privacy of your home with your dearest friends and relatives. Another important thing is the lack of time in our society; our menu is simple and you can prepare many courses in advance. So who cooks can enjoy the pleasures of the table and the party.
The appetizer is made only by frittata and salami because the other courses are very important. You have to make your frittata in the oven so it isn’t difficult to digest and goes well with Italian salami. You have to prepare only two courses just before serving: frittata and pasta.
The sauce for pasta and the second course are prepared together. Cooking time is very long but you can make them in advance, the day before.
We suggest you to accompany the pot roast beef with potatoes because all people love them. Besides you can choose the frozen potatoes (precooked) to save time.

Make ahead your tart, the day before.  If you want, you can use frozen puff pastry in order to save time.