Themed dinner menus

A simple fish menu


It's a very simple menu, ideal for the beginners. It's a low fat menu.
The starter is based on smoked tuna and swordfish slices; accompany them with fresh fruit. Choose the fruit according to the season: orange slices in winter (you can also sprinkle fish slices with orange juice), strawberries and pineapple in summer (in this case you can also sprinkle fish and fruit with balsamic vinegar).
Choose tasty bread for this course, for example bread with walnuts.
The first course (pasta salad with octopus) is very simple. You can prepare it in advance, so it's tastier.
You have to cook coated swordfish just before serving but you can prepare them in advance. Coat the fish slices and arrange them on the baking pan. Bake them while you are serving and eating the first course.
In this way you can enjoy your guests.
Even the dessert is very simple. Choose fresh fruit in season you prefer; wash, pat dry, cut and arrange on serving tray. Sprinkle with lemon juice and sugar or orange juice and sugar. We prepared peach, melon, strawberry pieces and grapes as you can see in the photo.
You can also prepare a real tasty fruit salad.
Don't serve ice-cream; the combination fruit-fish isn't often successful unless you don't serve a lemon sorbet.
This menu serves 4 but it's easy to modify the doses according to your guests.
Do in this way for the starter: consider 2 or 3 slices of every smoked fish per head.

What's the right wine ?

Our suggestion is: Regaleali Bianco (white wine from Sicily - Italy)