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Meat menu for all ages

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Meat menu for all ages

Menu planning

Menu planning

  • - Here's an idea of mine for an Italian full menu for everyone, from young to old people, when you have to celebrate a special occasion. It is composed by traditional Italian recipes partially reworked by me. All dishes are delicate and based on meat, ideal fo meatlovers.
  • - Begin with mini pizzas and assorted canapes to offer your guests before sitting down at the table. Match the same wine chosen for this meal and distribute fruit juices to children.
  • - As soon as your guests are at the table serve a tempting plate of baked pasta, the queen of our Italian pasta: Neapolitan macaroni timbale with little meatballs in tomato sauce. This is one of the most typical recipe for baked pasta in southern Italy.
  • - In order not to disappoint any of your meatlovers, you need another meat dish. If there are children, I suggest rolled turkey breasts or filled and rolled turkey thigh. In any case turkey, veal, pork or beef roast, provided that they are cooked well and are tasty and tender, can be a perfect choice. Accompany your meat dish with potato salad or baked potatoes.
  • - Complete with a fresh fruit tart that can be prepared in all seasons choosing the typical fruit of winter, spring, summer or fall.
  • - About doses. Neapolitan macaroni timbale serves 6 but in a full menu of this type it is enough for most people. If you have some pasta left, don't worry. It is delicious warmed up the next day. You can make at least 8 servings with rolled turkey breasts. Every turkey thigh serves 2 if small and 4 if great. And even in this case do not throw anything because you'll like eating your leftovers in the following days.
  • - Which wine to match with this menu? I would suggest young Merlot. It is a wine for every meal that pairs very well with all these dishes from pizzas and crostini to meat roast.
    Do not change too many varieties of wine in the same meal. Modern trends suggest more sober choices.
    When my husband and I have guests we generally choose Merlot DOC Lison Prmaggiore preferably. Our favorite Merlot is produced by the organic firm Le Carline, sure to offer a superior wine.