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Italian fall menu with pumpkin, chestnuts, grapes

autumn menu with filled pasta and lamb stew
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Italian fall menu with pumpkin, chestnuts, grapes

Menu plan

Fall menu, Italian style with seasonal flavors

  • - The recipes that make up this menu are quite well-balanced. Some are more laborious as flan with zucchini flowers. Others may be laborious but a good delicatessen shop can meet the needs of people with limited time. I refer to pumpkin ravioli, obviously. Nowadays you can find good-quality products. So if you plan all well you don't have to work too much and success is assured.
    Chestnut cake is not difficult to do at home and all your guests will love it!
  • - All dishes have at least one ingredient in season: grapes and radicchio in the appetizer, pumpkin in ravioli, mushrooms as a side dish for lamb and chestnuts in the fabulous cake
  • - You should have no problem in shopping list.
    Ingredients for antipasto serve one and so you have only to multiply the doses according to the number of your guests.
    Ravioli serves 6 but in a full menu they serves more people. The same thing for lamb. Calculate up to 150 grams of meat per person instead of 200 grams as I listed in the recipe. So with the doses of my recipe you can serve 4 to 5.
  • - Pairing wine: the two wines that I suggested are perfect to accompany all the dishes.