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Loretta Sebastiani
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French bean & cauliflower purée
( Purè di fagiolini e cavolfiori )

Our original home cooking

difficulty: easy

time: preparation: 20 minutes
cooking: about 30 minutes

calories: (kCal)

Ingredients / Serves 3

  • 600 g (1 1/3 lb) French beans
  • 450 g (1 lb) cauliflowers, cleaned and washed
  • 125 ml low-fat yoghurt
  • 20 almonds in little pieces
  • 3 halves of dried tomatoes, cut into stripes
  • 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt
easy recipe
preparation: 20 minutes
cooking: about 30 minutes
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Download free PDF version (144 download).

Clean, wash and steam the French beans. Then reduce them into purée.
Steam the cauliflowers and reduce them to purée.
Put the puréed vegetables, almonds and yoghurt in a saucepan and season to taste with salt.
Let all the ingredients flavour for 10 minutes or until the purée is well dried on a medium heat Switch off the gas, add the olive oil and stir.
Your dish is ready!


  • - It’s a tasty side dish, creamy and nourishing.
  • - It’s suitable for children if you want to make them eat the cauliflowers and French beans.
  • - You can also use frozen vegetables .