Loretta Sebastiani

By: Loretta Sebastiani

Italian appetizers are very highly sought and appreciated. My husband Carlo and I have eaten in a lot of restaurants and have always noticed that there are very few people who give them up. Note that Italian word for starter is antipasto. This page is dedicated to all the meat recipes that can be served hot especially in cold months, Holidays included.

Our tested recipes

Fried stuffed olives, Ascolana style

Deep fried stuffed olives, Italian-style

Ascolana olives are stuffed and fried olives. You have to use large tender green olives. Their filling is made with a lot of meat and cheese to. Yummy! They taste fantastic and are very good finger foods and street food too!

No cheese Ascolana olives

Ascolana olives without cheese in their filling

This is another version of stuffed olives, created by me thinking of lactose-intolerant people. The result? very tasty finger food idea but a low- calorie recipe not too rich in fat too you can serve to your guests without any concern.

Rice balls or rice croquettes

rice arancini, Sicily style

Arancini or Sicilian rice croquettes are a traditional, well-known street food that you can make easily at home too. I also suggest how to replace some ingredients difficult to find outside Italy.

“Tigelle” or crescentine and "gnocco fritto" recipe

Italian gnocco fritto and tigelle recipe

Do you know Emilian cuisine? It is characterized by salami flavors. Salami are often accompanied by gnocco fritto and/or tigelle. I think it's one of the most delicious appetizers served in Italy. This recipe was provided to us by a faithful reader of ours and it is authentic, really!

Vegetable stuffed with sausage

Bell peppers and tomatoes filled with sausage

This is a perfect recipe for your get-togethers in August and September. The months in which these vegetables are flavorful and ripe. A recipe of mine. They can be served warm or cold.