Loretta Sebastiani

By: Loretta Sebastiani

Italian appetizers are known all over the world. We Italians invented a lot of them, really! Each region has its own traditions and then the habits has been mixed with the new trends in cooking, multiplying infinitely the number of treats and delicacies that you can serve at the beginning of a full menu. This page is dedicated exclusively to hot entrees for vegetarians who do not like or do not eat meat and fish by choice or dysmetabolic problems.

Our tested recipes

Artichokes stuffed with ricotta and asparagus

Artichokes stuffed with ricotta and asparagus

These artichokes are delicious. It's a spring recipe you can serve in assorted antipasto platter to accompany raw ham and other Italian specialties or in vegetarian dishes with other stuffed vegetables.

Baked omelette with aromatic herbs

Omelette (frittata) in small portions appears in many traditional Italian entrees. This is a low-fat and low-calorie recipe if compared with the traditional frittata because it is not fried but oven-fried. Even in special occasions there are people who prefer simple cooking.

Bruschetta with garlic and oil

Italian  bruschetta

Garlic and oil bruschetta can't be missed when you travel through Italy or want to prepare a perfect meal, Italian style for your friends or relatves. Simple and quick to do!

Cauliflower mini flan

cauliflower mini flans

I love these mini flans because I can serve them in a lot of ways, as appetizers or side dish to accompany both meat and fish. I also use them to assemble assorted antipasto platters in fall and winter.

Lentils mini frittatas

mini frittatasDo you like lentils? have you ever tried to make frittata with lentils? It's a real dainty! Here you can see mini frittatas with lentils. They can be a good idea to begin a full menu or a fantastic main dish accompanied by other vegetable dishes.

Italian bruschetta with olive oil, garlic and tomatoes

classic bruschetta with tomatoes

Italian bruschettas are a must. It Italy there is the habit to serve them at every hour of the day, especially in the center of Italy: Tuscany, Marches, Umbria, Latium, Abruzzi ... They can open a full menu very well. The most typical way to top your toasted bread slices is the combination garlic and olive oil!

Pecorino cheese puffs or salty puffs or bigné

Pecorino cheese puffs or bigné is a typical recipe of Latium (Italian region whose capital is Rome). Most people hearing about bigné think of it as a sweet but salty versions are equally good. In some cases mouth-watering! Ideal as finger food too.

Spinach and ricotta cheese flans

Spinach and ricotta cheese mini flans

Spinach and ricotta are often combined in Italian recipes and the result is fantastic. Even these flans, in individual portions, taste fantastic!